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This section gives you access to search tools, resources, and advice to help you find the frequency records you are looking for.

(Search Options for Frequencies)

Radio Service Code Group
The radio service codes available from the FCC have been combined into groups. Each group reflects the industry the code applies.

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Individual Radio Service Code
The FCC has provided radio service codes which are assigned to the entity using a given frequency. This search allows you to find information based on the radio service code, city and state.

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Entity Name (DBA) Lookup
This search is useful when you're not sure how an entity name is listed.

Entity Name (DBA) Lookup Example: You may want to search for railroads in your area but the exact entity name is unknown. Entering 'Rail' will find all entities containing the word 'Rail'.

REMEMBER: this feature only lists the Entity Name and State. Use the Entity Name (DBA) Search for complete details.

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Entity Name (DBA) Search
All records have an Entity Name (the individual or organization granted to operate a specific frequency). Entering an entity name and state can find detailed information about an entity. If you are unsure of the Entity Name, use Entity Name (DBA) Lookup to determine how the name is listed.

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Entity Names (All)
This Search returns all entity names for a specified County and State. This search is useful for finding abbreviated names or uncommon spelling of entity names. Once you have found the Entity Name in the search results window, click the name to find all listings for that particular Entity.

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Call Sign
Not to be confused with Ham Radio Call Signs. This search is designed to find information based on the call sign you provide.

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Need to know more information about the frequency you are listening too? Just enter it in along with the state.

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Sometimes you need to know who operates in a given range of frequencies for a specific area. This search helps you find information on who operates in given frequency ranges.

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Frequency-Predefined Bands
A frequency band covers a range of frequencies.

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Class Station Code
Find frequency information based on the class station codes set forth by the FCC.

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Trunked Frequencies
We have grouped the frequencies by their radio service code. We have provided two version of this search 'State + City/County' OR 'State Only'.

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