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Search Suggestions for Entity Name (DBA) Lookup
The following criteria is designed to help you get the most out of your search requests.
Desired Search Result Text To Enter
Aeronautics “Air”, “Aero”, “Aviation”
Ambulance Service “Ambulance” *if owned by local government see note below
Casinos “Casino”
Contractors “Contract”, “Building”
Country Clubs “Club”, “Country”, “Golf”
Delivery Companies “Deliver”, “Truck”, “Transport”, "Ship"
Drive Through Select your favorite drive through restaurant
Fire “City”, “State”, “County”, "Town", "Township" *see note below
Forestry “Forest”
Government “City”, “State”, “County”, "Town", "Township"*see note below
Hospitals “Hospital”, “Medical”
Hotels & Motels “Hotel”
Medical “Medical”, “Hospital”, “Med”
Oil Companies “Oil”, “Refin”
Paging Services “Pag”, “Paging”
Police “City”, “State”, “County”, “Marshall”, "Highway”, “Trooper”, “Sheriff”, "Patrol", "Town", "Township"*see note below
Railroads and Railways "Rail", "Amtrak"
Religious Organizations “Church”, “Chapel”, "Gospel", "Assembly", "Worship", "Synagogue"
Restaurants “Restaurant”, “Steak”, “Sea”
Schools “School”, “Univ”, “College”
Scout Troops “Scout”
Search & Rescue “Search”, “Rescue”
Security Companies "Securit"
Shopping Malls “Mall”, “Shopping”, “Center”
Sporting Events “Event”, “Sport”, “Center”, “Stadium”
Taxicabs and Limousine “Taxi”, “Cab”, “Limo”
Theaters “Theat”, “Film”, “Cine”
Transit “Trans”, "Bus", "Charter"
Utility Companies “Utilit”, "Power", "Plumb", "Heat, "Cool"
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 * Finding common police, sheriff, fire and other local government frequencies:

Most city governments do not list their local police, sheriff or fire with the FCC under such names. They are typically listed as "City of", "County of", "State of" "Town of", "Township of" or a combination thereof. For example, "Atlanta, City of", "Portland, city", "Denver, city and county of", "Florida, state of"

Use the Entity Name Lookup and search for the name of the City, County or State (Atlanta, Portland, Denver, Florida and so on) or the word "City", "County" or "State".

If you are unable to find the information using these examples, use the Entity Names (All) search to display all entity names registered in that State.

OR try using the Radio Service Code Groups. This search offers an option of ”All Public Safety”. For trunked public safety use the Trunked Frequencies search.

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Use single word searches - For example, if you are searching for St Louis, this name can be stored as St. Louis, St Louis or Saint Louis. Using one of these combinations may not find results where a search for Louis could yield more results.

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Databases note - Our databases are updated weekly from the FCC to ensure you have the most accurate and up-to-date information possible. Naming convections may not be consistent.

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