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CW Abbreviations
sign description sign description
AA All after OB Old boy
AB All before OM Old man
ABT About OP-OPR Operator
ADR Address OSC Oscillator
AGN Again OT Old timer; old top
ANT Antenna PBL Preamble
BCI Broadcast interference PSE Please
BCL Broadcast listener PWR Power
BK Break; break me; break in PX Press
BN All between; been R Received as transmtted; are
B4 Before RAC Rectified alternating current
C Yes RCD Received
CFM Confirm; I confirm REF Refer to; referring to; reference
CK Check RIG Station equipment
CL I am closing my station; call RPT Repeat; I repeat
CLD-CLG Called; calling RX, RCVR Receiver
CUD Could SED Said
CUL See you later SEZ Says
CUM Come SIG Signature; signal
CW Continuous wave SINE Operator's personal initials or nickname
DLD-DLVD Delivered SKED Schedule
DX Distance, foreign countries SRI Sorry
ECO Electron-coupled oscillator SVC Service; prefix to service message
ES And, & TFC Traffic
FB Fine business; excellent TMW Tomorrow
GA Go ahead (or resume sending) TNX-TKS Thanks
GB Good-by TT That
GBA Give better address TU Thank you
GE Good evening TVI Television interference
GG Going TVL Television listener
GM Good morning TX Transmitter
GN Good night TXT Text
GND Ground UR-URS Your; you're; yours
GP Ground plane VFO Variable-frequency oscillator
GUD Good VY Very
HI The telegraphic laugh; high WA Word after
HR Here; hear WB Word before
HV Have WD-WDS Word; words
HW How WKD-WKG Worked; working
LID A poor operator WL Well; will
MA, MILS Milliamperes WUD Would
MSG Message; prefix to radiogram WX Weather
N No XMTR Transmitter
ND Nothing doing XTAL Crystal
NIL Nothing; I have nothing for you YF-XYL Wife
NM Nothing more YL Young lady
NR Number 73 Best regards
NW Now; I resume transmission 88 Love and kisses
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