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11 Codes

The 11 code, similar to the APCO 10 code is a system of numeric codes devised by the California Highway Patrol to communicate situations unique or frequent to the work of the CHP.

It is also used in conjunction with the ten-code and other voice radio protocols. Other agencies also use it or have adapted it to better suit their specific area.

Disclaimer: The list is intended to show the most common codes and help provide an estimate of the code's definition. These codes can vary between Cities, Counties and States, therefore we can not guarantee their accuracy.

code description
11-10 Take report
11-24 Abandoned vehicle
11-25 Road/traffic hazard
11-26 Inoperable vehicle
11-41 Send ambulance
11-42 Send paramedics
11-44 Possible fatality
11-48 Provide transport
11-66 Defective traffic light
11-79 Collision has occurred; ambulance en route
11-80 Collision w/ major injury
11-81 Collision w/ minor injury
11-82 Collision w/ property damage only
11-84 Manual traffic control needed
11-85 Tow truck needed
11-86 Bomb threat
11-87 Bomb found
11-98 Meet
11-99 Under attack, immediate assistance required
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