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Civil Aviation Registry

Click here to read an important announcement from the NGIA regarding public access to Digital Aeronautical Flight Information. Due to this announcement, we will no longer be able to provide up-to-date aeronautical frequencies. We will however, maintain a database of the last known aeronautical frequencies.

Search over 9,800 airports for local or worldwide airport frequencies. Locate over 352,000 registered civil aircraft in the United States. Download your search results to common .CSV files.

Where to start:
  • Airport Identifier - Examples, DEN or KDEN returns DENVER INTL, ORD or KORD returns CHICAGO OHARE INTL.

  • Airports by Name - This search performs a "contains search" which will search all airport names for words contained in your search. Example: Entering "Intl" would return all airport names containing the abbreviation 'Intl' (International).

  • US Airports by State - This search provides a list of airports and used frequencies for the state you have selected.

  • Operating Agency Code - Locate Worldwide airport frequencies by the airports operating agency code.

  • Find airport frequencies for:
     Approach/Departure Control   Air/Ground   Airport Advisory Service   Area Control Center   Airlift Command Post    Aerodrome Flight Info Service   Approach Control   Arrival Control   Airport Radar Service Area   Air Route Traffic Control   Automated Surface Observation System   Automatic Terminal Information Service   Automatic Weather Observing Station   Centralized Approach Control   Clearance Delivery   Air Route Traffic Control Center   Common Traffic Advisory Frequency    Departure Control   Director (Radar/Approach Control)   Emergency   Flight Communications Center   Flight Operations Center   Flight Service Station   Ground Control Approach   Ground Control/Clearance Delivery   Ground Control   GATE Control   Helicopter Frequency   Information   Miscellaneous   Multicom   Parameters (French Radio)   Operations   Preflight   Pilot To Metro Service   Command Post   Pilot To Dispatcher   Remote Communications Outlet   Radio   Radar Only Frequency   Remote Flight Service Station   Ramp Control   Single Frequency Approach   Terminal Control Area   Terminal Radar Service Area   Tower   Unicom Or CTAF/Unicom 

  • Civil Aviation Registry - Retrieve detailed information from our civil aircraft database, for aircraft registered within the United States. Search by aircraft tail number (N-Number), owner, city, state, zip, manufacture, model or year.

  • Viewing search results - on the first column of most search results, you will notice a link. Click on this link to display additional information

Civil Aviation Search Results Include:
  • N-Number
  • Aircraft Type
  • Owner
  • Year Made
  • Street
  • Serial Number
  • City
  • Cruising Speed
  • State
  • Weight
  • Zip
  • Number of Seats
  • Registration Type
  • Engine Type
  • Certification Date
  • Number of Engines
  • Aircraft Name
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Category Code
  • Engine Mfg. Name
  • Type of Certification
  • Horsepower /Thrust
  • Date of Last Action
  • Engine Model Name

  • help
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     Miscellaneous Resources

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